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EVALUATION 3 What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Text Box: Digi-pack...
Mr Wallis: “the cover doesn’t look right, doesn’t give an indie feel.”
Max Green: “front cover: Distinctive, easy to brand, without over-simplification, good colour choice”
- “Back cover: Track list is kinda hard to read, perhaps a font change or colour shift.”
- Original, if not instantly readable. Good use of consistency across the brand, practical and good use of white space.
Sally: “you need to find a font colour that doesn’t draw too much attention to the eye and away from the picture, I think it needs to be more subtle.”I wasn’t able to get much feedback across my media products, despite me posting all my products on Facebook. But my video was able to get some audience in other media classes where I was able to pick up some feedback and make changes along the way.
And I was able to ask a friend of mine “Max Green” although he is not in my target audience, I knew he was able to give me feedback that I could use and pick up on, as he has had allot of experience with media/film studies.
Of course I found some feedback more helpful than others, and surprisingly I found comments in some cases to be more helpful to me that weren’t in my target audience, but having to compare those comments to my target audience after to see if they agreed with the statements.
When I started on my digi-pack I wanted to use abstract art like pictures that almost represented an emotion that I felt came across in the song, and on top of this I’d thought I’d try and be cleaver and incorporate the idea of ‘Holograms’ in the cover, by blending in the title into the background enough to give the effect.
After I had manipulated the background picture enough and finished with the titles and placements of them, I asked for some feedback. These were mainly to do with colour of text and a certain spike of the background picture looking too “phallic” so I thought in this case I thought I’d better change the section of the picture and reposition it, which then meant I then had to reposition my text.
The inside of my digi pack was hard, as I didn’t know whether to do 2 separate pictures or one panorama picture. After deciding on one panorama shot, I started playing around with pictures and what text to add inside. I then received feedback of sally who sits next to me (who isn’t in my target audience”, and she said
“You need to find a font colour that doesn’t draw too much attention to the eye and away from the picture, I think it needs to be a bit more subtle”
Which I agreed too, as I also thought that the main focus inside the digi pack isn’t the text, but the CD, so I had to pay a bit more attention to detail on that perspective.
Finally from the actual production stages my teacher Mr Wallis said Mr Wallis
“The cover doesn’t look right, doesn’t give an indie feel.”
So I thought that possibly using a frame that I wasn’t using in my video might be effective enough to incorporate in the front cover, by using Pin Light effect on the band members faces and gave them also a ‘holographic/ ghost like effect’. This then got more feedback after saying, that just by doing that already gave it an indie sense.
My music video generally got good feedback all-round, however there were things such as;
“Little things like transitions between extreme close ups (like the guitar) to long shots (to full band) seemed strange and didn’t feel right/ felt uneasy on the eyes. It needs something in-between  like a mid shot, or a zoom out...”
Text Box: Music video feedback...
Year 12 media class: “little things like transitions between extreme close ups (like the guitar) to long shots (to full band) seemed strange and didn’t feel right/ felt uneasy on the eyes. It needs something in-between, like a mid shot or a zoom out...”
Max Green – A friend “Good balance of performance and narrative. Some lighting issues, but effective”
“People mainly the performers look really washed out, for lighting reasons? / Camera? / or contrast?”This was given to me as a kind of concluding piece of feedback from the year 12 media class, looking at if more from a media point of view than an “Indie-rock” fan point of view. Which I thought was very useful because, I was able to use their opinions from their insight into media, and they were more ‘objective’ than the fans of the band and the genre.
During post production I had some comments, from people sitting around me, to do with the performers, where there were some lighting issues in the room I filmed in. The performers looked pale and washed out, so I had to play with brightness and contrasts settings in premier pro.
When receiving feedback about my music video I felt that I had to use the advice given from my target audience, as they would be the people watching it, and they would be the ones that I would want to please the most. However from a media/ technical point of view, from people in my class, teachers or other media classes, feedback in relation to shots/ angles/ cuts that didn’t work I would have to strongly consider, because I would need to get the video looking as professional as possible for the exam boards expectations.
The band that wrote the song “COLONY” said they were impressed with the video, and were interested in how I personally saw the song from my perspective.

Text Box: Magazine cover...
Max Green: “The background needs a texture; perhaps overlay something on the orange and the band. And the Radiohead block is a little bland. And look out for grammar”
Heidi –“the band name ‘COLONY’ looks strange because it’s the same font and style of the title of the magazine.”
Ryan “I noticed the black band at the top, It doesn’t really work there, try moving it down a bit?...”
Mr Wallis – “consistency of page references aren’t right, fonts need to be different, shouldn’t be the same as the magazine title, change the colour or something about the ‘COLONY’ . This received by far the most and a wide range of feedback, from comments thinking it looked professional, and others saying it didn’t. So choosing feedback to work with was difficult.
At the first stages, I had certain comments to do with texture with the background, and by trying this I learnt that it overpowered the tile of the magazine, that already had a ‘sponge’ texture. And with the already existing ‘stain glass window effect’; it made the background far too busy.
Towards the end of making my magazine there were lots of little fiddly bits that were picked out, but I knew to be right, just because the comments were being said from looking at general magazines, to do with fonts, placements of fonts, consistency of text.
Also to do with the text, my mother pointed out my issues with my red text on black background, I learnt that it could have been hard/ impossible for people that suffer from sight problems such as colour blindness, so I learnt how accessible my media products had to be.
After making tweaks on this I showed it to people in my target audience, they seemed to be please with the job, but there were aspects that could have changed, like background colour (which I didn’t change to keep a consistency across my other media products.) and I could have imposed the picture better, I tried blurring/ feathering the edges I still don’t feel too satisfied with it.

To conclude I found out by gathering the feedback told me that I couldn’t just make a piece of work (especially for media) for my own purpose and tastes, but that I had to look at my work from another person’s perspective in terms of my target audience and the exam criteria. I felt I could be more flexible with my music video within reason to my music genre, to be able to capture the mood and meaning of the song from my perspective.

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