Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Auxillary Task Digi-Pack Cover

As I previously researched I decided to make my digi pack cover a more art based/ related. So I searched on the Internet using words that would describe some of the moods of this song such as anger and depression and found some picture that i found i was able to change and manipulate to create a cover more suited to an indie rock band.
 This is the front cover, the original picture is allot bigger and had a larger variation of colours, I also cropped a section of the picture i wanted, sharped the image and added the band name "Colony" and title of the single "Holograms". I tried to blur the word Holograms with the background to try and add the effect of the suggested word.
Older designs of this front cover varied from different sections of the originally picture and different colour filters and different fonts etc.
one version included a longer white "spiral" which had comments from my teacher and people around me, on being too "falic" so obviously adjustments had to be made to be more appropriate to be able to appeal to my audience.
This picture came up when searching for Anger and i thought i could use this as the back of my digi-pack cover by using the shapes to add the titles of tracks.

This is the end product of the rear of my digi-pack as you can see I have rotated, colour filtered cropped, enlarged and sharpened the image. As-well-as adding the titles of the tracks, the primary track "Holograms" is the larger of the 3, I have included 2 other songs also written by the band.
To give the Digi-pack / Single more of a realistic look, I have included a bar code, a Logo of a record label which to my research signs up primarily new, more, indie rock genre bands. Finally I have added the normal copyright rules underneath as all CD/ Album covers do etc.

This is the inside of the Digi-pack part way through editing. this i found when searching the word "Acceptance" and this image originally showed an "outer-space" themed picture including stars and a larger variety of shades of blue. I had to select an interesting part of the picture and get rid of ever unwanted detail individually, it was a long tedious process but it had to be done. I Also but a blue filter on the image that gives it a more washy look that doesn't draw to much attention as its only a background. I'm using this image as it can be used as a panorama effect one the whole inside of the digi-pack.

Here is the finished inside of the digi-pack. I have added a picture of Ed the writer of the song and lead singer of the band Colony, I had to cut him out of the previous background and had to repair some the picture as it was lost during extracting him from the previous image. I have also had to blend him to match the background so that it was an obvious image but still didn't stray too far from the theme. I also added the Lyrics of the title song "Holograms" using a lighter blue, so that it would be legible from the black and dark blue and not be too over-powering.

My friends and teachers have given me their feedback and opinions through out my process of creating this, from simple movements to complete color changes. I believe this was important because its other people at my age group that would have to like my digi-pack as that's what my target audience is mainly based at, so their opinion to a product aimed at them is critical.

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